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In the economy where uncertainty is the only certainty, skilled knowledge is becoming a reliable source of sustained competitive advantage.

The period of mass producing is over and customers all over are very selective. Increased consumer demands require new solutions and knowledge. Due to increasing competition, organizations are required to constantly revise their product and service mix, improve managerial methods, and increase productivity. Modern conditions of dynamic competition, sophisticated information technology, the knowledge economy, market globalization, have changed the relation to the importance of human resources in organizations. These conditions actualize the capital as the strategic resource of every organization. Differences between organizations exist exactly due to the differences between human capital, i.e. the organizations human resources, ways of their management and development.

To remain competitive, future-focused companies use employee training to blend learning and earning. Modern organizations today use their resources (money, time, energy, information, etc.) for the permanent training and advancement of their employees. Modern business requires more and more knowledge and skills that are still inadequately present in formal school education. Records contends that successful companies all have a sustainable competitive advantage that is not the result of technology, patents or strategic position but of how these companies develop and manage their workforce

We are with you in your concern and commitment together as we realize that the global competition and swiftness of change emphasizes the importance of human capital within organizations, as well as the swiftness and ways of knowledge gaining of that capital.

With HEADWAY, You are in good hands!

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